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I’m Adam.
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Adam Pietrasiak
I appreciate your visit and hope reading my stories will be worth your time.
For the last ten years, I have been writing code and designing applications. For the last five years, I have mostly worked at startups. This year my start-up kicked off, changing my life.
I believe software development can be an art, the same way design can. Somewhere on the way, I found a way to express it in what I do. Somewhere on the way, I also gathered skills that allowed me to do it.
It seems I was never motivated by big money. I am motivated by bringing joy to people who use what I create.
I believe there always will be the next big goal, the next big client, and the next big contract. I don’t want to keep tackling all my “next big things” till I’ll get old. I believe this is not worth it.
Welcome, once again.
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